Sunday, 17 November 2013

A Cracker Of A Workshop With Kirsty Wiseman at Domino Crafts

Domino CraftsYesterday I went to a craft workshop at Domino Crafts in Wolverhampton, lead by Kirsty Wiseman.  I have always loved Kirsty’s blog, photography and everything she creates, card wise.  I remember once going absolutely crazy about making flowers using a roll of bandage after seeing the idea on Kirsty’s blog
1452560_614700501905702_2065414172_nSo to meet her in person was just too brilliant!  She was lovely, friendly, bouncy and looked fantastic after losing at least 2 and a half stones …. after cutting out carbs …. so not only did she inspire me craft wise, she also inspired me think about trying to lose some weight (again!!!!!), especially when I had to crop my tum and hips out of the photo below!!!!
Kirsty Wiseman and MeWe made a cracker using Stix2 products, plus a die (the make and name escape me) to make the cracker wrap, very simple but so relaxing.
Stix2.The most exciting part was Kirsty showing us how to use a glue gun to make cabochons/pearls, I have a glue gun, but now need to get some glue sticks to practice. When Kirsty showed us how to colour a circle of hardened glue with Mica powder ….. OMG …. it was magically transformed!  I admit there are some mediums I know about, but have shied away from, and it’s days like this that inspire and give you confidence to try these new materials.
Stix2Kirsty also bought some cards along that used the technique and that she kindly allowed me to photo.
Kirsty Wiseman Christmas TreeThis tree is absolutely adorable using Wiseman I'm Dreaming CardAnd this Christmas wreath doesn’t use Candi, as I first thought but dots made with a glue gun and then finished with microbeads, white Micra powder and transfer foils, gorgeous!
Kirsty Wiseman Christmas Jumper CardKirsty Wiseman Workshop
And as for the jumper stamp used in these cards  …… again I’m sorry I don’t know the maker, but it’s soooooooo cute and I can think of so many cards it could be used on, especially with Christmas jumpers everywhere this year.
Kisrty Wiseman CardsAs I said a brilliant afternoon which saw me leaving Domino’s several pounds lighter ……. as I found some very unusual and lovely embroidered ric rac braid and eight bottles of ultra fine glitter, since Marc has re-ignited my interest in using it.  If you are ever anywhere near it’s worth popping in and having a good mooch …..