Saturday, 1 October 2011

Festive Heart Shaped Rag Wreath

Festive heart Rag Wreath
This is another idea where I just carried on regardless without looking on the web for instructions until after I had completed the project!
I have wanted to make something like this for ages but never seemed to get round to it …. well, I have been having a real Craft Room cull and found this small 15cm wire  “clematis woven heart” I got from a Dunelm Mill for 49p a while ago. 
Picture 046 Picture 048
I got rid of the twiggy stuff and then set about cutting strips of Christmas material from a pile of patchwork squares I got from e-bay (at the time they were not a good buy …. horrid, vile patterns … I have almost thrown them away so many times, but for this project they turned out to be perfect, as the pattern really doesn’t matter)
Picture 045
I tied the fabric strips using a tight single knot onto the wire until they were  closely packed without any space between them. At times I was dubious as to how it would look but it’s amazing what a bit of primping, fluffing and trimming can do. I’m dead chuffed and now want to have a go at something a lot bigger!
Picture 056