Thursday, 1 March 2012

Guest Crafter - Ellie

sock owl
My little friend Ellie has been doing some more “making” and I promised she could be my Guest Crafter again …… this is her gorgeous sock owl …. and again I tried to persuade her that he would look brilliant sat permanently on my desk ….. but she was having none of it!!

Easter Rabbit Tags

The base of these tags have been made using children’s wooden dominoes with the holes being made using a PowerCraft hobby drill.
Wooden Easter Buuny tags
I bought these wooden rabbit embellishments last year and never used them, so I am determined that they will be used this year.  I think I will be putting the tags on bags of Easter sweets, but deliberately didn’t write Happy Easter on them, just in case they didn’t go and leaving me free to use them on something else instead.