Saturday, 31 December 2016

A Little More Stickybeaking - My En-Suite Shower Room

When Tom, Laura and I went to view my flat for the first time I think we were all taken aback when we found that the master bedroom (mine), also had a en-suite shower room! 
Shower Room 1So, no more trudging across the hall for a wee in the middle of the night.  It’s certainly plenty big enough and there wasn’t really a lot that needed doing, however, I have to admit to finding it a bit bland, though on the other hand scope is limited physically.
Shower Room 3The original light fitting was quickly changed to a right old silver and clear jewelled confection from The Range, which does caste a lovely shadow, but I think, perhaps, I might eventually change it for a bathroom chandelier, if I see one I like ……. I don’t know, there’s something a little too brash about it, I think I would prefer something a little more delicate and dangly, we shall see!
Range Light ShadeThe room was repainted from white to calico and the fitted cream carpet (?) taken up and a cream, nondescript vinyl floor laid down.Shower Room 2The extra twiddly bits included putting a large corner caddy in the shower, as I can’t bear having bottles etc., all round the edges.  All I have allowed, of an ornamental nature are an Elvis and Princess Duck in the corner, presents from Marc, I think they are supposed to be us!!!
A set of three glass shelves (packs of 2 from Argos) were also put up, along with a rack for towels.  Perhaps I would swop the hooks for something a little bit more erm …… glamorous, but that’s being extremely, extremely picky!
jewelled mirror in bathroomAs you can see my first ever jewelled mirror followed me too, how could I leave it behind?
It’s all perfectly lovely, but, I’ve only been here for six months and there’s always room to twiddle a bit more.  I think it’s a bit cold and not half girly enough, however, as I said, there isn’t a lot I can physically change. I know the picture over the radiator will eventually be replaced by something I think I might make, at the moment I am thinking a large mermaid and shell mirror.
And …… if I go down the slightly mermaidy theme, I think that I can certainly find a few “choice” pieces in Evesham’s charity shops and antiques centres over time to make the shelves look a little less functional.
I think the towels and bathmat (brought from the Castle and which could easily be used in the main bathroom), will also eventually be changed  to something brighter, more colourful and warmer, Next have some lovely ones, but that can wait a little longer until I see exactly what I want……….
Or perhaps, I just have too much time on my hands at the moment, believe me, that will all change in March when I resume my “Nanny Duties” and then, I will probably be too knackered for such whimsical and fanciful ideas!!!!