Wednesday, 14 July 2010

What’s On My Desk Wednesday?

Piles and piles of bracelets – the fruit of my Saturday afternoon and Sunday evening labours ……
Pile of wooden bead bracelets
Every one is different.  I have used a Primark multi-stranded wooden bead necklace (£4), two bags of wooden beads from The Range (£1.99 each), and a mixture of bronze and cream coloured pearls that I had already.  They are threaded on transparent plastic elastic thread which costs about £1.75 a reel – and is probably enough to make at least twenty bracelets
beaded bracelets
The larger, more unusual beads come from The Range bags of beads and have proved to be the most popular.
But now all my wooden beads are used up except for a few odds and ends ……. so what’s a girl to do ……………???
Glass beads
………. but start on her collection of glass beads of course!!!! This is a collection gathered from car boot finds, Hobbycrafts and Primark plus odds and ends I’ve had for ages.
B1 B2
I’ve gone for a very random look, no pattern, just what came to hand first, and I am thrilled with the results.
I reckon I will get at least fifty from my collection. I intend to give several as end of term gifts and then put the rest away until nearer Christmas.
Picture5 Picture6
Lisa and I are planning on doing a bit of car booting in the summer holiday, but we have agreed to walk on opposite sides of a row and then swap over at the top because we will both be looking for the same things …… especially beads and the sight of two ladies fighting would be unseemly!!