Saturday, 20 November 2010

Penguin Peg Fridge Magnets

Anita's 3D laser stickers. penguin design
I love these Anita’s 3D laser penguin stickers (99p per pack) and I’ve enjoyed the challenge of making  1in x 1 in embellishments with them.
Picture 538
The fridge magnet base started out on  this Christmas card hanger from Poundland, bought last year but never used.  I know I could have made this all from scratch, but for a pound the hard work has already been done for me, The pegs are a perfect size (smaller that normal pegs) and if I’d found them in a craft shop they’d have cost a lot more than a pound!
Anita's 3D Laser Stickers. penguin design 1
I made a template from the original printed square and then made a little background for the penguins using glitter paper and blue card with a bit of faux stitching and snowflakes using a white gel pen.  Silver star sequins complete the effect.  I’ve stuck small round magnets on the back of the peg (these have been taken off other magnets that I have used as embellishments on some of my cards).