Sunday, 5 October 2014

Halloween Hand Painted Spider Glass.

What am I like? ….. I was in a discount shop in Wolverhampton and they had a range of really cute, hand painted Halloween glasses, some stemmed, some tumblers, mostly featuring spiders and they were only £1 ….. it was, to pardon the pun at this time of year a “wicked” price to pay because at craft fairs something similar would have easily been quadruple the price …….. but I resisted buying one ….. because, inspired,  I came home and made my own erm…… “unique” version …Hand painted Halloween spider glass…… which was much cruder and lacking in the finesse of the shop version, but there again, I did do mine at 6.30 in the morning, when I should have been getting ready for work, and the mood and the inspiration was compelling me to do it there and then ….. next time I would be much more careful and refined with my pen strokes!
Halloween spider glass handpaintedI used a black Marabu Porcelain Painter pen to draw the spiders and the web …. I then had to leave it to dry for 4 hours, so, I left it and went to work and then banged it into an non preheated oven at 170c for 30 minutes when I came home, voila!
Spider Glass Halloween hand painted spider glassAnd then, me being me, just couldn’t resist adding googly eyes to all the spiders using E6000 glue, which sticks everything.
Halloween spider glass, handpainted glassPlus, some very small, flat backed gems on the web and on some of the dots round the top of the glass!
Halloween Spider Glass with googly eyesLike I said, not a lot of finesse and it wasn’t really made to particularly last that long ……. just a bit of fun for when I toast all the ghosts and ghoulies in my life as I sip my hemlock on October 31st!