Monday, 28 July 2014

Over The Top 21st Birthday Card

This card is A5 in size and is made using white linen effect card
Oh good grief, you can tell I am a bit rusty!! I can’t believe that I have even forgotten my sacred rule of card making that less is more!!  Ye Gods!!
over the top 21st birthday cardThis is the card I made for my niece’s 21st birthday, I think I was panicking because time was short and I needed to get it done …… but then went completely overboard, there’s too many fonts, and far too many random colours and patterns …. and you can’t see the hologram silver background clearly in this picture, thank goodness.  My apologies for my assault on your card making sensibilities …… there is no excuse for my putting everything but the kitchen sink on a card!!! Major mojo overload!!!