Thursday, 12 January 2012

Decopatch Teapot Flowerpots

decopatch teapot flowerpotI was given this book for Christmas and some of the ideas are just too wonderful for words!
Everything AliceIt was this idea for a fabric covered teapot/plant pot that got me thinking …. wondering if I could substitute the fabric for Decopatch paper.
Everything Alice Fabric Covered teapots
….. And how fortuitous that I have a huge box of brown teapots in the shed already! I used to buy them up at 50p a go at car boots years ago because I wanted to paint them to look like Christmas puddings (but that, as of yet has not happened).
Decopatch TeapotsAnyway they Decopatched a treat and didn’t take that long but the  5/6 layers of clear varnish took a few days to complete.
Decopatch flowerpot teapot
I am putting them (and all the others I hope to make) aside until Mother’s day when I plan to plant a pansy etc. in them.