Thursday, 3 January 2019

Fiddle Fart 2019 - Always With Christmas Lurking Somewhere In The Background!

As I said in my New Year post I think Christmas is going to feature throughout the year a lot on Fiddle Fart, if that’s OK, as I didn’t feel I had got everything done that I had wanted in 2018. I kept on wondering why that was and then realised that the wedding invitations I made for my Nephews wedding took almost six months to put together, with so many ideas put forward to be tried and then some rejected, before everything finally came together …… and after that I was pooped!
I plan to do a couple (or three) posts over the coming weeks featuring the lovely handcrafted cards I received from followers …… but today is my Christmas present from my daughter Lu
It’s my beautiful Bertie mug!!  The picture was taken by me in the summer, with Bertie asking if he could have my camera to look at and I said “Sorry but no” and his hopeful little face fell instantly from “My Nanny never says no” …….. to “I can’t believe it…… she just did!”  The picture is my screensaver and it never fails to make me smile, so when I opened up my present, I just howled.
I have a coffee machine by my bed for my first morning drink and now I have a new mug sat sitting under it …….. so it’s guaranteed that every morning I start with a huge smile, an aghhhhh, and a chuckle.  Bless him.