Monday, 31 January 2011

A Very Delicate Valentine Card

This card measures 12.5cm x 12.5cm and is made using ivory linen effect card.
Delicate Hand Drawn heart
This card came to me in a flash, although it’s supposed to be a Valentine, I think it would make a lovely wedding card too.
Intertwined Heart
I punched out a large (2ins diagonal)  plain heart and used it as a template, drawing round the outline first and then an entwined line, using a sepia coloured Marvy Le Plume pen.
hand drawn heart
I’ve added a few  leaves and tiny punched daisies with very sparkly glass flat backed gems in the centre. I managed to break the punch in the process (bum) but hey ho! The final touch was made by filling in the leaves and going over the sepia lines with a pale olive green Whisper pen.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

A Fairy Clock in 15 minutes

Altered Fairy Clock
My sister had a clear out and asked me if I wanted this clock, boxed and unused, well I never like to say no!
Picture 098
I left it lying around in the kitchen for a while and then yesterday afternoon I had a brainwave.  First I checked to see if I could take the front  off, which I could and then how much space there was under the hands.
Poundworld Puffy Stickers
I didn’t have a theme in mind, so I just looked through some of the stickers I had.  They needed to be fairly big as I wanted them to cover some of the numbers on the face completely. These stickers that I got from Poundworld the other week (now reduced to buy 2 get 1 free), were perfect, and I especially like the way they are also textured.
Fairy Clock
The rest was simple. I just stuck the fairies and flowers carefully into position on the clock face, and then added smaller flowers to the hands using a little glue.  In all this took me no more than 15mins. I usually ignore cheap clocks in Home Bargains etc. but now I have made this, I want to make more. Wouldn’t it be cute to make a Christmas clock?

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Simple Valentine Card

This card measures 12.5cm x 12.5cm and is made using ivory linen effect card.
Valentine Card Using Text paper
I love papers with text on.  I've used two different designs, but they seem marry up pretty well.  I’ve mat and layered them on gold mirror and red card.
Picture 141
The heart is made using a large punch. I think that this would make a good Valentine for a no frills man.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Candy Cane Valentine Card

This is just a bit of fun ……
Candy Cane Valentine Card
A friend found these mini candy canes reduced to 10p a box in Waitrose and thought I could do something with them …….  I am also thinking that I could make some parcel tags to match.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

I Love Ewe

I Love Ewe Valentine Card
A very simple Valentine card made using 3D foam embellishments found in Poundworld, plus a few punched hearts. Sorry I’ve just noticed that the glue is still wet in this picture! Oooooops
Poundworld 3D Foam Stickers

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Top Tip ….. What I’ll Be Mostly Looking Out For In Charity Shops and Car Boot Sales In the Coming Months ……

Keys ……..
Picture 045
Big, small, shiny or dull, condition doesn’t really matter ……. but hopefully for only a few pence … because I’ll be wanting them to make Santa’s Magic Keys for Christmas 2011……..

What’s On My Desk Wednesday

Thank you so much for all your birthday wishes on Saturday, I thought I’d kept it under wraps, but it seems some people have been reading my profile! I had a very lovely day …. and some wonderful presents …. some of which have now found a home on my desk or in other spots in my craft room.
Jo Malone Candle
While I am crafting, I always have a scented candle burning, nothing posh ….. but oh my life …… now I have a Jo Malone candle for my desk, it smells divine ….. and all the posh bags and stuff that went with it made me go very girly …… I don’t do designer stuff, but just this once….  I will make a very gorgeous exception.
Also, while I am “fiddle farting” I’ve often got a bag of Maltesers on the go ……
Maltesers Dish
Well, now I have a beautiful mirrored dish to put them in, so much classier that the bag (or the box)!
I had some lovely craft stuff too. I really want to get into making some special pendants using Memory Frames and Memory Capsules, and now I have no excuse, though you may have to wait a little while to see the finished results, as it’s all a very new medium to me.  I was given some of the pendant trays that I’d asked about on this blog a few weeks ago …plus all the bits to go with them, I was very touched and thrilled.
And finally ….. my knitting has also found a new home in this lovely trugg, (another thing I have a passion for about!). Happy Days!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Cute Pussy Cat Card

Pussy Cat Card
Kitten cards are always popular.
 Cute Pussy Cat Card
I’ve used Pop Up Fuzzies from Craft Planet which have a lovely fuzzy texture – they cost 99p for a pack of 8 – not brilliant value when using four on a card.
Picture 032

Monday, 24 January 2011

Born To Shop Card

Do you remember these smiley face stickers I bought a while ago?
smiley face hologram stickers
Well this is what I have done with them, I’ve been a doodling!
Born To Shop card 1
Trying to get a picture of the finished card was a nightmare because of the hologram effect in the stickers, I’m afraid this is the best I could manage.
Born To Shop card 2
If I say so myself they are kinda cute!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Thank You Tag

Thank you for our tea tag
This is a daft little tag I put on a box of chocolates as a “Thank You” for being asked over for a meal by friends. The plate and cutlery embellishment was from a pack of six from Crafty Bitz, it just made a simple gift a little bit more special.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Two Sheep Cards – For the Sheepish

Picture 018
Two cards today made using 3D foam embellishments I found in Poundworld.  I love Poundshops, you never know what you are going to find, BUT you have to buy what takes your fancy there and then as they very rarely have the same crafty things in again once they have sold out. Poundworld 3D Foam Stickers
When I  am making up a batch of cards like this I don’t often put a sentiment on them, that way they can be used for all sorts of occasions or just as a notelet.
Sheep Card
I’ve used pretend grass, the sort they use on model railways, for a bit of texture and extra interest.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Two Birthday Cards Using the Smirk for Him Decoupage Pad.

I have finally used up all the pages in my Smirk for Him decoupage pad.  This is the design I liked least, the man and car just didn’t do anything for me, but I was determined to use EVERYTHING in the pad. 
SMIRK Car Card
For the first card I've used a blue bazzill paper and a spotty design from Dovecraft's Masculine 6 x 6 paper collection pack.
Picture 158
On the second card I added part of a page from a street atlas as part of the background and then to add dimension used Anita’s 3D gloss finish on his glasses, a tiny clear flat backed gem for a tie pin and silver nail head decorations on the wheels.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

My apologies ....

My apologies, I haven't kept a check on my posts and can't believe I have let 3 x 9 square template cards be published one after another ...... very sloppy and boring!  I am so sorry. 

I write most of my posts at weekends and holidays and do have a long schedule list as there is NO WAY I can actually make/produce items to post each day. But I didn't check at the start of the week what would be published ...... three cards of the same design, all using stickers ..... aghhhhh.  Again I am sorry, and it won't happen again!

So Many Bags …….

So Many handbags Card
The little handbag stickers come from Mei Flower bought from NEC Hobbycrafts (they also have an on-line shop)
So many handbags Card 2
There’s not a lot to this card but it is ideal for a girl who can never have too many handbags!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Accessorize Heart Sticker Card

 Accessorize heart Stickers 1
The thing I like best about these Accessorize heart stickers is that several look like a Kath Kidston print.  I wish they would do a whole packet of just that design.
Accessorize Heart Stickers Accessorize Heart Stickers 2
I’ve used my 9 square card template to make the card as it is ideal for using such small stickers.
Accessorize heart Stickers 3
From one packet of stickers costing £1.75, I managed to get 7 cards (though there are only 5 in the photo), which isn’t bad going.
Cards made using Accessorize Stickers

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Meow – Patchwork Cats

This is a design I use quite a lot, especially when I am using small stickers.
These cat stickers are from Paperchase (£1 a packet)
patchwork cats
I have punched 9 small squares in three colours  using a scalloped punch and then stuck them onto a larger white square which has been mat and layered on silver. A few dots here and there and a bit of faux stitching finishes off the card.
Picture 035

Monday, 17 January 2011

Girl with a Balloon Card

Girl with Balloon stamped card
I’m not very happy with this card, it needs a lot more fuss and froth, it's far too plain...... and this coming from the woman whose mantra is less is more! I am afraid I can't colour in like the professionals, even though I have used Pro Markers. My flesh tones are more akin to a menopausal hot flush than the blush of childhood excitement! Anyway, I have put it on my window sill so that I can glance up at it now and again and then hopefully get inspiration on how to finish it. I think it needs some writing on the left hand side or something....

Girl with a balloon stamped card 1
As you know, I don’t stamp a lot, but I couldn’t resist this little girl from Stamps Away.  I liked her because she isn't all doe eyed, whimsical and cutsey.  As you can see the stamp is quite small.
Girl with Balloon stamp
The balloon sticker from a set from Accessorize, which is in perfect proportion to the stamp.

Looking again, on screen,  this card is just pants, too pink, the mat and layering is all wrong..... agh!  Oh well, back to the drawing board!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Happy 40th Birthday Newspaper

Newspaper card
I don’t think I need to go into great detail for this card. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.
Birthday Times Card
The balloons and badge on the jeep are simple decoupage layers.
Birthday Times

The champagne bottle and glasses are ready made embellishments from Crafts For Christmas and cost £1.49 for 4 sets.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

New in at PoundWorld

I nipped into Poundworld in Wolverhampton yesterday and they had lots of lovely sets of puffy stickers …. animals, fish, transport, robots etc. and they are a decent size and quality.
Picture 007
As I am on a huge economy drive at the moment, I held back and just bought a few packs, but I thought the fairies (above) would come in very useful …
Horse stickers
…… and these comic ponies are so funny and very different.  Anyway, if you have a Poundworld near you it might be worth a look, although I appreciate that stocks do vary from store to store.

Cupcake Card

Cupcake Birthday Card
This is the first card I have made using the Dovecraft “Piece of Cake” decoupage pad I bought a while ago…. I am wondering whether I should have bought the matching paper pad, because I found finding a matching background paper a bit difficult,  although I have always found that pink is one of the hardest colours to match up!
 Craftwork Cards
I’ve also used gold “In Circles” sentiments from CraftworkCards, adding two yellow flat backed gems (please excuse the wet glue) for extra bling.
Papermania Cupcake Card
The card is finished off with faux stitching and  “peel off” corners, with a yellow gem added to each one.