Monday, 12 August 2019

Tiny Framed Snowman Tree Decoration

This was one of those ideas that got me out of bed at stupid o'clock to see if it's do-able.
I love the packs of snowmen I got from Michaels in New York a year or so ago and really wanted to use then, but they are quite small and can easily get lost on a project, but then as I lay in bed one night I wondered if they would fit in some equally small plastic frames I got China a while ago ........ I couldn't wait until the morning, so at some unseemly hour I could be found going through my craft drawers to find the bits.  As I hoped the snowman and frame were just the right proportions for a perfect marriage.
In the morning I set about gathering suitable materials together.
I started by cutting a small rectangle of card to act as the backing, getting it to the right size was a fiddle as I had to take the irregular outside into consideration.
I covered the front of the card with a blue paper sky and layered white glitter card snow.
....... and glued it to the back of  the frame.  I then added the snowman and on a whim filled the frame with Ranger Glossy Accents 
When the Accents were set I decided to add two snowflakes to the corners of the frame using a E6000 as the bond to keep them in place to be strong. I also used a tiny eye screw from which the frame could be hung. This was a bit of a fiddle using my model makers drill, but I got there in the end.

The final touch was to add a sentiment on the back, so if the frame twizzled on the tree, there would be something to see on both sides.  This was handwritten using a black fine liner pen.  Looking at the pictures now I think I will add three small, clear flat backed gems too, for extra bling and "magic"

I am also wondering I could also turn these frames into brooches if I used a laminated backing?????

Anyway, I think I will be making quite a few of these little things, possibly to give the staff at Bertie's nursery school as fairing gifts.