Thursday, 28 November 2019

Two "Crafty" Charity Shop Finds

I am always on the look out for bits and pieces I can use for crafting in any charity shop I visit, in particular games that use letters and numbers and as it happened I found both these games on the same day, in different shops for just 50p each.
I thought that this blue set of capital letters will come in very handy on cards where I use different letter stickers/embellishments to spell out greetings i.e Happy Birthday. I am also wondering, taking into consideration their blue colour how they would look spelling out a complete festive phase or word on a plain white card, scattering snowflakes or stars around them for a snowy, cold feel?
...... And then, I am currently in two minds as to how to use this vintage Bingo game, initially it was the numbers I was after (all present and correct 1 - 99), perhaps using numbers 1 to 25 on a vintage style Advent Calendar, but after finding that it was complete I am now thinking that since Iris and Bertie love playing number games so much, perhaps we should (for a while at least) use it in the way it was meant to be?  Hmmmmm, lovely, lovely, lovely wooden numbers though!