Thursday, 22 November 2018

Black & Grey Sampler Frame

This frame wasn’t as easy as I had first anticipated. It’s for my neighbours upstairs and I had set myself the challenge of making a Christmas sampler frame to “go” with their almost entirely black, grey and white decor .
I started by removing and throwing away the glass in the frame and then covering the design sheet that was inside with a variety of grey patterned paper scraps and white glitter card.
The first four spaces were pretty quick and easy to put together using the previous samplers I have made as a guide ………..
…….. but the last two, the reindeers and Santa, were the hardest, as I have almost run out of my collection of embellishments that were in the right proportion to the frame and as a result I had to more or less come up with something new. 
All I can say is thank goodness this was the last frame of the nine (from Poundland) that I’d got!
The sampler definitely needed a touch of red and one or two other hints of colour otherwise it would have disappeared upstairs.  It was an interesting challenge, something outside my comfort zone and to perhaps explore some more when I have more time to play after Christmas.