Sunday, 2 November 2014

Nordic Heart Christmas Card

This card measures 6ins x 6ins and is made using a hand cut plain grey blank.
Oh my life so much mat and layering, I must be mad!
Nordic Heart Christmas Card..The heart is made from felt (although it said wooden on the packs) and is left over from the packs of decorations I got from Poundland last Christmas
Poundland-Christmas-decorations-wood[2]I removed the original ribbon, bead and hanging thread and replaced them with a plain red ribbon to hid the hole.
Nordic Heart Christmas Card.If I was being completely over the top I should have put a flat backed gem in the middle of each hole in the scalloped square ……  perhaps I will do this on the next card, as I have a few more felt shapes to use up so I can try different variations on the same theme.
I just love using grey, I got into it in January and am hoping to use it a lot more this Christmas, (ideas providing). I also know that I don’t use my Bigshot or basic collection of dies enough either, so I’ve included one layer using my Spellbinders scalloped edge square to hopefully get my die mojo moving!!  I’ll be honest, there are soooooo many beautiful dies around now I am totally overwhelmed and so rely on Marc’s collection and inspiration when I go tp London to see him.