Thursday, 28 October 2010

Tim Holtz Caged Bird Decoration

Tim Holtz Bird cage
I am so terrible about getting something “I must have” and then I leaving it unused for ages.  So with Christmas coming I wanted to see if I could use this Tim Holtz die to make a tree decoration for “special” people instead of giving them a Christmas card this year.
untitled Tim Holtz Bird Cage 2
Well I have and I love it, so much so that this is mine and it will stay in my craft room, it ain’t going nowhere!
Tim Holtz Bird Cage 3
But I will make more!  I cut out two of everything to make the decoration strong and substantial. using a white glitter card to cut the cage from; it cut like a dream.
Tim Holtz Bird Cage 4
I’ve used jump rings to attach the tiny clear glass hearts, which I hope I can find more of on e-bay for when I go into mass production.
Picture 009
It didn’t take that long to make and I am thrilled with the results …… now to find some more hearts …….
Tim Holtz Bird Cage 7
I gave this example to my mum and look what she has done with it
Picture 728
She’s put it in a shadow box picture frame, with blue paper as a background.  I love it.  I am going to make a few more as presents, but perhaps use an A5 sized frame.