Monday, 7 December 2015

Fluffy Snowman Baubles

It’s taken me ten months,  but I have finally used all the fluffy baubles I found in Wilkos sale in January this year (reduced from £2.50m to £1.25 for 6)
I originally had 12 baubles (2 boxes), but I was a bit heavy handed with three of them when I glued on the baked Fimo noses, pressing them down a little to hard, resulting in the E6000 glue eating into the polystyrene ball that lay beneath the white fuzz …. I tried, but I couldn’t rescue them, without them turning into something that looked like the Snowmen of Satan, so lesson learned, next time use a lighter touch!!
I have been back to Wilkos this year, in the hope of finding some more but to no avail, as they were a gift for turning into these cute snowmen’s heads with very little effort ……
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