Monday, 1 September 2014

Here We Go Again ……

Well, surprise, surprise I am back at work today, I did mention a while ago that I was thinking of “packing it all in”, because redundancies were being made and the whole procedure was really getting me down, but then I got sensible and in the end I did “apply” and got a post that was all but the same as I have been doing for the past 6 years, but just not handling money and “joyously”,in the process, I not only went down a pay scale but also lost 30 hours a month ….. but on the bright side I gained the opportunity of sharing the work of the three staff who were made redundant or took on new roles!!!! But, it was my choice, I still don’t know properly how I feel about it all, it’s a case of suck it and see and keeping an eye out for other jobs if all does not bode well!!!!!
On the plus side (????) ………..  I will now be home mid afternoon, giving me a lot more time to blog and craft and perhaps, a little housework ………… so while things are looking good and I have quite a few projects in the pipeline I am hoping to post more than just once a week from now on ..... I am not promising every day, but ........
It goes without saying that crafting will now have to be on a very strict budget, but to be honest there really should be no need for me to buy anymore embellishments for the next 20 years or so ….. and that is after having a good sort out while Marc was with me for his charities. I know when the Christmas stuff in particular starts to come into the shops, especially the pound shops, I will get the jitters! Even if I have already made enough cards for this year, I know I will find myself saying “But, I can put these away for next year!” So my new rule of thumb will have to be to just buy enough to make 10 to 15 cards and only if an idea instantly springs to mind and NO MORE!!!! No matter how good a bargain or how tempting, a bargain is only a bargain if the embellishments etc. are used quickly and completely, they are not a bargain if they are still in my drawer three years later!
However, having said that I have invested in a new box of white linen card from PaperMillDirect, it being my very favourite card , hopefully it should last at least a year, but the price did make my eyes water!!!
As I was perilously short of silver card for mat and layering I managed to find a box of 250 sheets for £25 + VAT and P & P from the company below, which again should last a year, if not longer.
I also invested in three packs of Kraft Cards from HobbyCraft currently on 2 for 3, but I also received an additional 15% discount on them by joining the HobbyCraft Club. 
As you know I love Kraft card and predict that this Christmas there will be a lot of it about - cards, tags and papers etc. with a possible additional Nordic theme ……. and that’s the way I plan to go ahead too ………..