Saturday, 23 February 2013

A Half Term Trip To London To See Marc ….

I didn’t say anything before because I didn’t want people of a dubious nature to know that I was away from home….. but on Monday I went off to London to stay with Marc for a few days …… needless to say it was WONDERFUL …. and I didn’t really want to come home!!
scraves Portobello RoadI really, really needed to see Marc …..  last Sunday I was struggling with the the idea of continuing to blog as I hadn’t got any scheduled posts in the pipeline or any inspiration, it looked like the end of the road, BUT I knew if I talked to Marc he would give me a “right good” kicking up the posterior …..
Shoes Portobello Road…… which,  believe me,  he did ….. he told me that I had become very good at “doing a very good job of doing nothing!!!!!!! ” … which was so true!  When the Duke was with me I was getting up at 5.00 to work in the office, do a days work at school and then come home to get tea and then another hour or so of blogging or crafting…. and now,  all I have managed to do since Christmas of note was a big fat nothing ….. except for Tom and Laura’s wedding invitations, but in the “olden days” those would have been done weeks ago, boxed up and ready to send out!!!
Painting SketchBut now, thanks to Marc I am back on track ….. after my aforementioned telling off.  We talked non stop craft, watched quite a lot of Create and Craft, going yuck or ahhhh in turn at the various items,  perused the internet for ideas, and drank mahooooosive vodka and cokes from pint glasses and posh coffee   …… it was bliss!!!! 
193….. And when I got home ……. I immediately started work on the mahoooosive canvas that I had for Christmas, sketching it out at about eleven o’clock, within an hour of my getting home ….. mad or what?? As you can see I am going about it in a very hodge podge way, but then I haven’t really painted anything “proper” since I was at school ….. many, many moons ago!!!
my first paintingHowever,  I am back on track, there will still only be two posts a week on a Friday and Saturday, but there is a renewed spring in my scoring board ….. all thanks to Marc…… xxxxxxx