Saturday, 26 January 2013

Doodled Birthday Cake Card

This card measures 14cms x 14cms.
Doodled Birthday Cake Card.I’ve made another doodled card, it’s very basic I know,  but hopefully,  once I become more confident with my drawing and with all the computer gubbings that creating a download involves, I will get a bit more adventurous.  This is quite a learning curve for me …… but it’s certainly keeping my brain ticking over! 
I’ve created three free jpg. files which you can downloaded and can be resized, printed off and put into whatever project you use them for …. the designs are doodled, so please do not expect that lines are perfectly straight etc.
I have also created a pdf file that can just be printed off and then cut out, which has an extra candle design on it.
its all fiddle fart*Although I have created the files,  I cannot really help with any technical problems you have downloading or using them.  I would also ask that although the files are free,  they are not used as part of a competition or challenge without my prior permission*

Friday, 25 January 2013

Jewelled Mirror Progress And A Case Of Too Many Projects …. Not Enough Time ….

Agggh …..  my projects seem to be getting bigger, more ambitious and more time consuming.  I have been slowly redecorating the house because, to be honest, it was all looking a little tired. I haven’t done anything flamboyant, just laid down magnolia and white as a base for each room, which has then given me a blank canvas to add my twiddly bits to, but although I am desperate to get a start on my ideas, I know I need to do one thing at a time, and not begin anything new until another project has been finished, but it’s hard to do as I am such a flitterer!! 
Jewelled MirrorsProgress on my matching pair of boudoir mirrors has  temporary drawn to a reluctant stop, mainly because I need some large “signature” pieces of disassembled Primark jewellery to strategically place and then build around with the smaller pieces I already have,
Jewelled Mirror. Upcycled Mirror …. but unfortunately stocks of new pieces haven’t yet hit the shops (what with the January sales etc.) so I will have to wait patiently, but once I get the pieces I need, I don't think the mirrors will take that long to complete.
Jewelled Mirror.I said when I started that I wasn’t planning on making the mirrors identical, well I am afraid it didn’t take me too long to become quite anal about it …. and now, in all probability  the mirrors will be “almost” exactly the same!!!! Deer Head Decopatch.Once the mirrors are done, I have two more projects that Tom bought me for Christmas that I said I fancied having a go at …… Deer Head Decopatch….. namely a Decopatch deer head for the top of my landing ……
Massive CanvasAnd …. this mahoooosive 3ft 3ins x 4ft 10ins canvas, because I said I wanted to have a go at painting!!!!  Whatever possessed me?
I adore Collier Campbell designs after I finding them accidently while searching on Google,  and “thought” it may be something that I could try, inspired by the patterns and vibrant colours, to create a “picture” for my dining room, however the size of the canvas is a little daunting ….. so I may try a smaller canvas first!
…… Well,  I think I have got enough bits for getting on with ….. so watch this space!

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Almost There …… Tom and Laura’s Wedding Invitations.

Production of Tom and the Lovely Laura’s wedding invitations is about to start, I’d got the designs pretty bang on, it was just a matter of what colours to go for. 
Rainbow of ribbons swatchAll along Laura said she wanted “a rainbow” wedding, and had already purchased miles and miles of ribbon with which to make her own and bridesmaids bouquets, plus guests buttonholes and table centrepieces, so the obvious thing to do was to link the ribbon colours in with the invitations etc. and as they were vivid rainbow colours, it was a piece of (wedding)cake to find papers to match. 
Colourful wedding invitations The plan now is to use both designs, making 45 of each, using either a purple, turquoise or pink coloured ribbon, with silver (punched) dragonflies.  There is a little fine tweaking to do, like matching up the colour of the printing to the ribbon used, but after that,  Wednesday nights will be a flurry of activity as anyone in the family who wants to do a bit of punching and sticking is invited round for “Crafting Night”
Flowery Wedding InvitationsEffectively  no two invitations should be the same, because once we start our production line,  it will be up to the individual maker as to which colours they use to put the flowers together …… so each guest will receive something really, really unique.  I still have to order the envelopes, which we will then line with paper that matches the ribbon on the invitation.
Daisy PunchiesWe shall also be using the punched daisies as table confetti with a few gems scattered in, and, if it’s possible, for the real confetti.
010After the invitations, the place cards should follow …..  but my mock up looks very bland at the moment (above), but in the new revised colours and a different leaf punch they’ll be banging!!  Very HAPPY days!!!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Two Exciting Parcels From WholePort In One Day!

Wholeport ParcelI don’t think anyone could find fault with this careful packaging
There was much excitement last week, when, after a very long wait, my first order heralding the start of my sponsorship with WholePort finally arrived, it seems that after a very detailed search the parcel was traced back to customs control where its contents underwent a very thorough inspection!!!!!
Kawaii Nail Art WholePort  WholePort Kawaii Nail Art
As if this excitement wasn’t enough, my next scheduled order from WholePort arrived at the same day, this time without any further scrutiny from customs!
I agreed to the WholePort sponsorship scheme because I am able to choose what I would like each month … which means I can order a specific item for an idea I may have, rather than receive a box of random bits and pieces that I am not too sure what to do with or may not inspire me.  All WholePort ask is that I write a post about a few of the things that I make,  with links to the products used.
I have had no previous experience with the WholePort before, a company based in China, but I did receive this comment from follower Lynda who said:-
“With regards to WholePort - I have bought off them several times through Etsy - unfortunately they have now closed their Etsy store, don't know why. I purchased organza trimmings and 'vintage' type lace from them. They are really good to purchase from, very polite and although the goods are coming from China, I have received them within 2 weeks”
WholePort Masking Sticker SetWholePort Masking Sticker Set Pastel and Basic
All I can add is that the correspondence I have received over the past few months has been very, very thorough and detailed and the second parcel arrived within a week or so after my order was placed.
WholePort.WholePort Stickers - I think these cabochons will find their way onto my boudoir mirrors and the bunny stickers just scream Easter at me!
Postage and packing appears to be quite reasonable via China Post Air and you can pay through PayPal but as with ordering from any company it is at your own risk,  so please check everything carefully when placing an order.
Anyway, I think there is plenty here to get me thinking …. my first idea for a card using one of the wooden teddy embellishments follows this post.
Disclaimer: I have accepted a sponsorship from WholePort where I receive  free products each month with no incentive to offer a favourable review. The only compensation I receive is the use of the products that I review.  I have not been told what to write and the opinions are my solely own.

Baby Girl Card

This card measures 18.5cms x 9.5cms and is made with a white linen effect card blank.
Baby Girl Card WholePortThe light in my craft room is shocking at the moment, I have just a bare bulb while I am waiting for it all to be redecorated, and taking pictures in the evening is nigh on impossible, so please bare with me.
WholePort Teddy BeadAs soon as I saw these wooden baby bear beads from WholePort  I immediately thought “…. washing line and a quick bit of doodling”,  but, I also couldn’t resist adding a pair of wibbly wobbly eyes as well!!
Flowery DoodleThere was not a lot to putting this card together at all, the bit that took the most fiddle farting was spacing the self adhesive letters out to fit the card blank,  but once that was done, the rest fell into place.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Tim Holtz Tattered Floral Felt Brooches

Tim Holtz Tattered Florals 4
I’ve been using my Tim Holtz Tattered Florals die to make some last minute, very quick brooches and hair slides for stocking fillers.
Tim Holtz tattered Florals 3 Tim Holtz tattered Florals 5
I’ve used Paperchase felt for the top ones, it’s a bit expensive at £2 for an A4 piece but it is much thicker and more substantial than other felts I have tried, almost double the thickness.
Tim Holtz tattered Florals
And for the others I have used Mr Fiddle Farts old work jeans and some cream coloured loose weave material from Dunelm Mill. I’ve also made a couple of hair clips too using a set of bits from Poundworld.
Tim Holtz tattered Florals 1
I think the felt brooches would look good pinned onto a matching woolly scarf or hat.
Tim Holtz Tattered Florals 2
And perhaps the denim brooches pinned to a plain cream shopping bag

Saturday, 5 January 2013

FiddleFart Top Tip Look Out For Reduced Chocolate Coins ….

Chocolate Money favor FavourI am buying up all the good quality chocolate coins I find reduced in the shops at the moment …. these bags cost me 25p each from the Co-Op and contain either 90g of white or milk chocolate …. with a best before date for the end of August 2013.  I bought 8 bags for just £2 and have managed to make 37 “Start of the New Term” favours with them (sorry, you’ll have to wait ‘till next week for me to post them) … but I have a couple of other ideas up my sleeve on how to use them ….. so watch this space!

Robust Excitement ….. Experimenting With Wedding Invitations

As you know my son Tom and The Lovely Laura are getting married in the summer (2013) and as Christmas  had a strange sort of feel to it this year, and, to be honest, the TV was flipping awful I decided to put some of my energies into working on a few simple ideas for wedding invitations during the quiet times,   ….. nothing concrete … just something that Tom and Laura could look at and think about …….
009(For obvious security reasons I have removed the date)
Less is More Wedding InviteI have told them that there is nothing that can’t be changed and that the colours are simply to show them what can be done …. and so can be altered to suit any colour scheme. 
Punched Flower Wedding InviteI know which style I like best …. but it’ll be interesting to see which idea they will go for and how it will evolve over the coming weeks,  so that it will be exactly as they want.  Watch this space!!

Friday, 4 January 2013

Two More Jewelled Mirrors … And Another Labour Of Love In the Making…..

What have I done? ….. Every time I have shown someone my “boudoir” mirror, they have immediately wanted one too …. but because of the work (and expense) involved, I will only make them for very, very special people ….. like my daughter Lucy and my sister-in-law Sarah,  both of whom I cannot thank enough for all they have done for me over the past seven months and still continue to do, I would be so lost without either of them!
Jewelled upcycled recycled jewelled mirrorSarah’s mirror (above) measures 51.5cms x 35.5cms and, as with Lucy’s, was a charity shop find for £3.99.
Jewelled Mirror Upcycled Mirror recycled Mirror I bought copious amounts of suitable jewellery to disassemble from Primark and large acrylic flat back gem flowers from e-bay. 
Jewelled Mirror upcycled mirror recycled mirrorLucy’s mirror is slightly smaller,  measuring 45.5cms x 34.5cms and cost just a bargain £2.99.
Jewelled decorated mirrorThe frames of these mirrors are narrower that on my first two projects, which in some ways proved a little more fiddly to get gems/jewels to fit.  However with each batch of gems and Primark jewels I dismember I am also beginning to build up a reserve ….. which is quite fortuitous …..
Bejewelled Bedroom Mirror Project….. because I am about to start on a new project for my boudoir ….. the re-decoration of which starts on 7th January ….. I wanted two fancy narrow mirrors for either side of my bed, I thought I had found them online, only to be told they were unavailable, after which I stopped looking for a while, until, I found these two gold framed mirrors in a new BM Bargains type shop, that has just opened in Wolverhampton.  They measure approx. 35ins x 12ins and only cost £3.99 each (saving over £60 on the original ones I wanted)  I knew if I didn’t buy them there and then I would regret it as they would disappear ….. I didn’t care how, but I was determined to get them on the bus and home!!!!
Jewelled mirror challengeI am going to marry them up with these nightlight holders that have been in my boudoir for years but are now tired and dated ….. gluing them to the mirror and frame with E6000 glue, which is strong enough to take the weight, and then I plan to bejewelled and bedazzle them robustly as befits my new lady boudoir! I have ordered some more flat backed flower gems, but just need a “small” spree, curtsey of Primark,  for a few extra bits and pieces …. with an eye for something big and sparkly,  particularly for the corners.
It’s going to be a challenge as I shall be “encrusting” both mirrors at the same time, I don’t want them to be completely identical, but I would like them to look like a matching pair……. so watch this space! 

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Years Resolutions ….. ???

Happy New Year DoodleI spent yesterday, the last day of 2012, cleaning and tidying upstairs (in preparation for my decorators) with a thick beauty mask on my face and my hair stewing under my Primark turban …. ready for an evening out at my favourite Indian restaurant.
2013I’m not sure about making any resolutions  ….. on a personal level I just want 2013 to be a “good, kind, gentle and safe” year for me,  and  my family and special friends,  I think that’s ALL I can/should wish for……
…. 2013 brings so much to look forward to, what with my trip of a lifetime to Las Vegas with Lucy and then Tom and Laura’s wedding …. so, if resolutions are to be made, the main one should be to lose weight, because I shall be wanting some mega gorrrrrrrgeous outfits  ….. but,  Lucy and I have already set that ball in motion by joining Weightwatchers ahead of the New Year scramble in October …. we are doing really well and are supporting each other,  so all I can say is look out shops in June/July ….. because by then we will both be a size 12 and ready to shop till we drop!
£7.50 Virgin Train TicketI have learnt from last year that you should live for each day and never put off anything that you can possibly find the time to squeeze in today …. so on Sunday I booked two bargain £7.50 tickets to and from London, so that I can spend a few more days with Marc in a month or so’s time …. and I promise that if we make anything,  I will take plenty of photographs to put a few tutorials/post together. I don’t know where I would be without Marc’s encouragement and it’s thanks to him that this blog is still going, all be it for just a couple of times a week, but I know that if I stopped completely he would never, ever forgive me!
Wedding Doodle
As for fiddle farting …… Tom and Laura’s impending wedding has given me lots to keep busy, the wedding invitations are almost sorted, (as you will see later this week) … so blog wise … there will be plenty of wedding stuff, from the invitations, place cards, bunting, Elizabeth Shaw mints, sweetie bag favours …. to name but a few!! In the coming months Wednesday nights will be crafting night chez moi, with all hands to the pump, as I want to share the joy of making the “bits” Tom and Laura’s with as many family members as want to be involved …..
As I have already recently featured,  I want to “doodle” a lot more too, sharing the end results in the form of free downloads …. hopefully, in time,  changing the style of my cards quite a lot, still using some of the thousands of embellishments I have,  but pared down and very  less is more.
doodled flowersI don’t know what offers I might receive with regards to reviews etc.  in 2013, I turned quite a few down in 2012, some I now regret,  but at the time I didn’t think I could do them justice, but I really am looking forward to working with WholePort, unfortunately,  their first parcel to me (sent in early November) found its way to Customs Control …… goodness knows what they thought it contained as I only asked for an assortment of decorative tapes! I am hoping that when I get back to work it will have arrived ….. I am also hoping to renew my relationship with Dunelm Mill, which also fell sadly by the wayside a bit.
Anyway, let’s just see how it all pans out ….. wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!