Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Micky and Minnie Mouse Disney Countdown Drawers

Three drawers for Iris and Bertie’s Disneyland Countdown Calendar today all featuring Micky and Minnie Mouse. 
The pack of Dress It Up Micky and Minnie buttons proved to be a lot more economical than some of the other packs I’ve used, as I managed to complete four drawers with the six buttons it contained.
I’ve simply added stickers from the Carpe Diem Say Cheese Sticker book I bought for the project got, with large flat back gem stars and a few smaller stars gold and bronze stars scattered in between.
I now need to order a new lot of buttons for the other drawers, however I am hoping that a trip to Michaels in New York, if we can find one, might provide another one or two packs, you never know!