Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Metal Stamped Bird Tag Decoration – Another Experiment

Sorry, another experiment today, but again quite a few lessons were learned, and, it’s got me stamping, my bete noir of crafting, if only in a tiny weeny way!
stamped bird tag decoration sentiment ringI was just going through my drawers (oooooower matron) and found my tiny birds on a branch stamp, and then thought about the large sentiment rings I have had for years, wondering if they would work together.
IMG_1291Tiny Framed Bird Tag Decoration q
I decided to put two rings back to back with two lots of birds stamped on some handwriting design paper to go on both sides of the rings too. I then made a loop using jewellery wire with a bead and stuck it between the two rings. I used E6000 to glue the two parts together to guarantee a strong bond. It all sandwiched together well
Framed Tiny Bird Tag DecoartionI then filled one side of the ring with Glossy Accents and left it to set.  This is when I discovered that the paper wasn’t really really strong enough to take that amount of Glossy accents without more support on the back, which made it wrinkle,  but I preserved and turned it over to repeat the exercise.
wish dream hope tagBut, when it was finished I started to wonder what was that I had actually made? 
I concluded that if this was a double sided Christmas tree decoration, it would work, with an extra layer of card in the middle to support the glossy accents better and with a more festive picture in the middle like holly,mistletoe or a festive scene etc., as the words round the edge lend themselves to Christmas.  The bead could then be replaced with something more Christmassy like red or green or a mix.
stamped bird tag decorationBut, if it were made into a pendant or brooch, I like the birds, they can stay, but using two rings wouldn’t be necessary. I would just support the glossy accented picture with a thicker layer of card behind it, which in turned would be backed with a matching paper and a layer of accents, so that the back is finished off properly, if that makes sense?  I am now going back to the drawing board …… so watch this space, I think all this fiddle farting and musing may pay off in the end!