Saturday, 5 June 2010

Sizzix Suitcase Die

Aghhhhh, yesterday I turned the air over Wolverhampton  blue,  you are looking at the sum total of over two hours work, for just these three ************* little cases!
Sizzix Suitcases
They look so cute, but I find them a nightmare to put together and look right.  I wanted the die (Sizzix Bigz XL Bag/Suitcase 656115) as soon as I saw it, but was so disappointed with the first few results that the die was put away to gather dust ….. until yesterday ……
Pink Gingham Sizzix Suitcase
With a week off for Whitsun I thought I would try again … but my bin is overflowing with the rejects once more!
Picture 001 Picture 002
I have written this post as a record for me to refer back to, should I ever want to try again.  I think my problem is wanting to use patterned card, in the end I cut two bag sides the same using just the one side of the die and two bags shapes (front and back).
Flowery Sizzix Suitcase
Putting it all together and gluing it neatly seemed to evade me too ……
Blue patterned sizzix suitcase
Is it just me?  Has anyone else encountered any problems? This has beaten me good and proper…. and it takes a lot to make me throw in the towel!