Sunday, 5 March 2017

Little Wooden Bird Pendant Decoration – A Bit Of An Experiment

I am not sure if this idea works as a hanging decoration, so as I write this post I am still mulling over a couple of ideas ………..
Little wooden bird pendant decoration…… it could all change, before I reach the end ……  The wooden frame part measures approximately 4cms x 2cms.
The Works Wooden Shapes FramesTiny Wooden Bird Tag
I used two bookplate type wooden frames from a pack from The Works.  There were three of each design (aghhh) in the pack, so I am glad I bought two packs so that I have an even number of frames to work with on other ideas.
Tiny Wooden Bird Tag. aI decided to make the pendant double sided, stamping on a handwriting design paper with a birds on a branch clear stamp (sorry, I can’t remember where it came from).  I trimmed the paper to fit the frame and glued it down.
Tiny Wooden Bird Tag Decoration. bI then stuck the two sides together ….. and as  I wasn’t sure about the paleness of the frame, coloured it with a Promarker.
But with hindsight I did things a bit arse over tit, as I then added all the beading and wiring because I was impatient to see if the idea would come together ……. what I SHOULD have done is not glue the frames together until I had flooded each separate side with Glossy Accents and left them to dry completely for at least 24 hours before adding all the twiddly bits.  I think adding an extra layer of card behind the printed design would also have stopped the paper wrinkling evero slightly, but that’s me over thinking things, as it doesn’t really show.
Tiny Wooden Bird Tag Decoration. cOn reaching the end of this post I have decided to leave the pendant as it is,  but I am going to repeat the exercise to see if the ideas will translate into being made into a brooch, so watch this space ………