Monday, 4 September 2017

The Possibility of More Mice In Walnut Shells (Below) ...........

At the moment the only mice in a walnut shells I have are the three below and they are reserved for Iris.  However, due to their reception, I am now currently looking for some similar and more reasonably priced mice, in, hopefully, a larger quantity .......I may have to "look" at China to find them.  I am also waiting for the festive walnuts to hit the shops ...... if the mouse search proves to be successful, Rebecca I will get in touch, if you could perhaps drop me your e-mail sometime, but no firm promises that any more will be available.

Little Mouse Walnut Shell Christmas Tree Decorations

I had Iris in mind when I was making these little pink mouse Christmas tree decorations .  The mice are from Dress It Up and so weren’t cheap. I made six ornaments in all (using two packets) and I will probably try to sell a couple, but at present I am not sure how much to charge, £1.25/£1.50?
Little Mouse Walnut Shell Tree OrnamentAfter halving and cleaning out the walnuts I decided to experiment by baking the white fimo base in the shell, not being sure if it would stick or drop out the minute they came out of the oven, it stuck, woo hoo, win, win!
IMG_3964Before baking I made an impression of the mouse’s bottom (oooo-wer matron) in the fimo to help the mouse fit in the “snow” snuggly.
IMG_3972Once baked I covered the fimo in a light dusting of ultra fine white glitter to give the shell a more Christmassy feel, and disguise any less than white marks my grubby mitts may have left!
IMG_3975I also experimented with a tiny eye screw by which to hang the decoration.  The shell was too tough to just screw in directly, so I drilled a hole and then applied a little E6000 glue to the end of the screw to give a real secure fix.
Little Mouse Walnut Shell Christmas OrnamentThe last thing to do was fit in the mouse, she went in perfectly!  I am so chuffed with how well they have worked out, though nothing was complicated, just fiddly due to the size.
Little Mouse Walnut Shell Christmas Tree OrnamentI would make more, but at £2.99 for a pack of three, plus cheese and flowers, that I didn’t use, they are a touch too expensive for my Poundshop ways, but I am now on the look out for similar but more economical embellishments.
LIttle Mouse Walnut Shell Ornament Tree Decoration Christmas