Wednesday, 30 December 2009

What’s On Your Desk Wednesday

Whats on Your desk
My craft room is finally my own again, not that I am grumbling because having a bulging house this Christmas was wonderful. I have put some of my new craft stuff on my desk before I find a home for everything.  I have been very very spoiled.
The sewing machine has a zig zag stitch that I am hoping to use on my cards, I just need to master threading it first.  The hot gun is for sealing wax and seals, very very exciting!  The sidekick will let me use my small dies without getting out my BigShot and the huge Sizzix dies are more boxes with Easter and birthdays in mind!  There is also a new set of Nestablities labels for amongst other things sweet bag tops.
As I said, I am very spoiled.

The little man is called  One Man Try Tape  Dispenser and was a present from my mum. A couple of people have commented on how cute he is so I have found him here  (amongst other places) for £12.99

In answer to Ali's question, yes, I do use my Nesties on the Big Shot, I can usually cut through three layers of a thinish card if I am making bag toppers etc.

Desert Island Crafts – Part 6

gem drawer
This is my gem drawer.  I cannot have enough flat back gems and pearls.  Paperchase gems are the best value I have ever found at £2.75 for a pot of over 200.
cotton buds
My desk isn’t complete without cotton buds for tidying up blobs of glue and an assortment of mini pegs for keeping boxes together while the glue dries.
This is my stock of white and silver card.  They are directly to my right when I sit at my desk so that I can select what I want easily.
I get all my white and cream card from The Papermill Shop online in a Megabox, usually in white or ivory linen.  I get through at least 4 boxes a year!
I cut all my own card blanks so that I can can get just the right size for my envelopes.