Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Thank you everyone who suggested “profitable” ways of off loading my unwanted stash …… thank you Joanold and Di especially as my memberships to “Card Craft Items for Sale” and “Crafty De-stashing” on Facebook is now pending.
I am presently “de-stashing” my two drawers of jewellery collected over the past 30 odd years. Special pieces have got  Iris, Laura and Lucy’s names on for when I eventually pop my clogs, other pieces I will keep for me and let family and friends fight over as and when the time comes,  but I have decided that it’s now time to part the ways with all the other pieces I have found in flea markets and carboots that I’ve worn and loved but no longer wear, to be honest I would rather have any money that I get for these pieces put aside ready to put towards some new bits and pieces for my eventual move than have them sat sitting in a drawer mouldering!!!
With the new avenues/links that I’ve been sent  I can now start thinking about de-stashing my crafty stuff properly too, so .....here’s another question though …. how would you start to sell a huge, under the bed box full of 12” x 12” papers?  Suggestions much appreciated!