Saturday, 2 November 2019

My Halloween Shelves

Sorry this is a bit late but I just ran out of days in the run up to Halloween to post!
But nevertheless I thought I would show you a few of the Hallowed corners of The Towers even if it is after the event 
I didn't go too mad ....... well, as mad as I could have .......
....... but there was still plenty on (tasteful) display to give the flat a spooky atmosphere for when Iris and Bertie eventually arrived after a few days away in Devon for their Halloween weekend sleepover. 
I have to say that what Poundland lacked in Halloween stuff that I could actually craft with, as in the past, things like 3D stickers, small skeletons, paper pads and paper chains, they more than made up for with bits and pieces of an ornamental type nature.
Marc bought me a whole pile goodies from the Malvern branch (one of the best stocked that we have ever found, although the Tamworth one is also very good too) and then we bought even more when we had a day out together in Worcester at the begining of October.
I hope that their range next year isn't as good, because to be honest I need to call a halt to my collection as I really don't have any more space to store it all ........
....... but there again, knowing Marc and I, I expect I'll be saying exactly the same thing next year, especially as we are both  members of the Facebook Poundland Appreciation page, which doesn't help one little bit when everyone starts showing all the "must haves" they have found.