Friday, 28 September 2012

A Change In Blogging ….

I only have eight scheduled posts left to blog, but, rather than come to an abrupt and final end, I have decided to post on Fridays only to see how it goes.  I have to be truthful and say that I really don’t have the enthusiasm or fire to craft or blog any more, but by posting on a weekly basis I am hoping that it will afford me the time to see if my momentum does come back.  I started blogging on 20th August 2009, and have written 1,396 posts and not missed one day! (and the same goes for Mums Monkey)  I had been mulling over the thought of stopping on 1st January 2013 anyway, leaving the blog “live” and the ideas floating about in the ether forever, but, I just wasn’t expecting the bite on the bum I received four months ago.
compressed poppiesBUT as and when and if the ideas start coming rest assured they will still get posted if somewhat spread apart. 
compressedI hope to continue writing Mums Monkey …. those boys have really kept me sane (!?!?) over the summer, by making me find a funny, quirky or poignant angle on the most ordinary things/occasions in my/their life …. so I hope you will continue to read their adventures …. because their adventures are mine too.
036Let’s just see how things pan out ……..