Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Beaded Heart Card

Well, it won’t be long until 14th February, that's why I have decided to post my Valentine ideas earlier than I had originally planned, because, if you are like me, you want your ideas now, not a couple of days before the event. Hopefully,  if you like any of my ideas, you will now have plenty of time to gather materials etc. and have a go.

Beaded heart 1

This card took a matter of minutes to make.  First I cut out the heart shape and applied a generous splodging of PVA glue (because it dries clear) to the edges, followed by a good sprinkling of accent beads.

Beaded heart2
I’ve used ivory card as the effect is much subtler than white, especially with gold, which I have used for the matting.

Close Up beads
The heart has been set on a foam pad for added dimension.

Beaded heart
The idea could be adapted for weddings and anniversaries and is very much an example of less is more.