Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Charity Shop Find – Bejewelled Lightshade.

I first saw two of these bejewelled lightshades in a charity shop when Marc was staying with me. We ummmed and ahhhed, but at £3.99 each we questioned what I would actually do with them as brown/amber isn’t the most appealing of colours and in the end we talked ourselves out of a considered purchase.
About five weeks later I saw that they were still there in the shop, so again stood standing there with them in my hands pondering, when the new manager came over and said that I could have them for £1 a piece, well in that split second it was a no brainer, but I have to admit as I walked away from the shop with my swag I did have second thoughts, more rainy day junk under the bed?  Then I had “that” light bulb moment ……..
The brown/amber colour was the same colour as the drops on the lampshade in my bathroom and lamps in my spare room ….. what if I replaced some of the original drops at regular intervals on these with the more fancy new ones (of which I now had 62) I now had,  giving them a much more individual look, colouring the clear beads with yellow, purple, and pink Sharpie pens to blend in more.  With that I felt my £2 spend was justified!  Well, that’s the theory anyway!
The rings on the drops are pretty easy to do the change around …… it’s the Sharpie pens I am now wondering about, particularly on the bathroom shade as the added colour needs to be subtle  ……and there’s only one way to find out ………… watch this space …….