Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Scrabble Keying

I am showing you this idea warts and all, it’s my first attempt and it needs a bit of fine tuning, but you will get the gist.
scrabble keyring 1
I’ve used Papermania scrabble tiles bought in a sale ages ago.
Scrabble keyring
I made a base for the letters using a strong card, but realised it wouldn’t be strong enough, so added another two layers, glueing them all together, putting a small silver bail between the layers to attach a ball chain.
side view of scrabble keyring
I then covered the tiles with Anita’s 3D gloss finish. To stop the layers of card showing I have gone round the sides with a permanent black marker pen.
This is my prototype, the gloss finish is too thick and uneven – mostly due to my impatience!  Now I know that the idea will work, I will make a few more, but next time will take more care and time!