Saturday, 26 January 2013

Doodled Birthday Cake Card

This card measures 14cms x 14cms.
Doodled Birthday Cake Card.I’ve made another doodled card, it’s very basic I know,  but hopefully,  once I become more confident with my drawing and with all the computer gubbings that creating a download involves, I will get a bit more adventurous.  This is quite a learning curve for me …… but it’s certainly keeping my brain ticking over! 
I’ve created three free jpg. files which you can downloaded and can be resized, printed off and put into whatever project you use them for …. the designs are doodled, so please do not expect that lines are perfectly straight etc.
I have also created a pdf file that can just be printed off and then cut out, which has an extra candle design on it.
its all fiddle fart*Although I have created the files,  I cannot really help with any technical problems you have downloading or using them.  I would also ask that although the files are free,  they are not used as part of a competition or challenge without my prior permission*