Sunday, 3 September 2017

Change In Post Schedules And A Quick Catch Up

I think I am going to start posting every three days rather than every other day at present for a little while, if that’s alright.
The ideas are all still flowing, there is a long list sitting next to me at the moment, but having fun and going away for long weekends is the enemy I am afraid …….
This weekend I am in Swindon meeting, for the first time, Di and Mrs A who adopted monkeys, Hank, Marvin and Norman way back in 2011!  We have always kept in touch via e-mail, blog comments and Christmas cards, but had never even spoken in real life until Wednesday evening. It’s all quite exciting, like a big grown up sleepover with midnight feasts planned, goodness knows what the cleaners will make of three separate rooms, all with monkeys inhabiting them! I promise a post when I get back.
Also planned amongst other weekends, I am off on Sun holiday to Devon with Lu and Iris and a long weekend in Bude with my Auntie Beth, where I am hoping to avail myself of the many charity shops of the parish and look for pirate type embellishments to finish Bertie’s pirate mirror, as well as embracing the beach, good food and much catching up of gossip. 
Then, in early 2018 I will be celebrating a significant birthday …….. so what better way to do it than a week in New York with Lu ……. I booked it all about four weeks ago. Our sightseeing will be planned with military precision, but I will also be reserving an afternoon or so to find a Michael’s and at least two/three Dollar Trees ……. we would love to find a real American Thrift Store but we’re not too sure if we can pull that one off. We have guide books and are watching YouTube videos until we go cross eyed on what to do while we are there …….  but I may burst first!
But, I still need to craft and blog to keep my brain working on so many levels,  I started back in 2009 and have 2,172 posts under my belt, it’s a hard habit to kick …….. so let’s see how I go, reducing just a little to fit life in!!