Wednesday, 12 May 2010

A Quandary

Picture 140
I have these items on my desk, a laundry bag for putting washing powder tablets in and one of my husbands cigar tins. ….. I am sure there is something I could do with them, but at the moment I just can’t think what.
I bet Linda would make something wonderful with the tin (it comes in a double layer size too) all Tim Holtzy, that would make me sooooo green with envy.  It seems an awful waste to keep throwing them away, but I really am at a loss creatively……..

What’s On My Desk Wednesday

Hmmmm, I’ve been shopping and indulged myself, I ADORE Gisela Graham and when I saw these birds I JUST had to have them….
Picture 153
They were not cheap - £11.99 for 8, so that’s £1.50 each.
Picture 155
But, if I can bear to let any of them go, I plan to give them as little gifts instead of a cards with a note saying …. “A little bird told me …..”
Picture 156 Picture 159
This box of hearts is also by Gisela Graham – again not cheap at £9.99 for 9 – so that’s £1.11 each, but they are so lovely, how could I resist? The frame is made from wood and the heart from a shabby metal.  I am thinking “Christmas” – I may add a tiny red gem in the centre of each flower, again to give instead of cards, which are usually thrown away and forgotten, hopefully these will be a lasting reminder and perhaps will be hung on a tree year after year.
Bonnets with clips   Picture 152 Picture 149
I found these bonnets in a pile of Easter sale items in a local garden centre, reduced from £1.99 to 99p.  They have a little clip on the bottom to attach them to things.  I saw an idea (goodness knows where) for little boxes embellished with a little hat just like these – I am thinking weddings,Ascot or other "lady occassions", I only wish I had bought a couple more packets.