Monday, 28 October 2013

Halloween Trick Or Treat Mints

Same old …. same old I am afraid, just different stickers!!!
Halloween Trick or Treat mints.This years stickers come from Hobbycraft, what I love about them is they are round and the perfect size for using with my Stampin’Up scallop punch, so no mat and layering, and some have wobbly eyes!!!
Hobbycraft Halloween Stickers Halloween Mints
For the front of the mints  all I had to do was punch out a few scalloped circles, plonk on a sticker and add a bit of doodling.Hobbycraft Halloween Stickers.The backs were made just the same but instead of the sticker I added a plain circle to the centre using my 1 3/8  Stampin’ Up punch with a bit of handwriting and more doodles round the edges.
009I then put a little double sided tape on the back of each stickered and written circle with the mint sandwiched in the middle.
Elizabeth Shaw Mints Halloween Trick or Treat
Cute and Spooky!
Elizabeth Shaw Trick or Treat Mints Hobbycraft also have Christmas stickers in the same style as these Halloween ones, which are incredibly cute.  Needless to say, I also bought a couple of packets and will be making a few small boxes of this style of mint to give to friends for their “after dinner mints” on Christmas Day.