Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Christmas 2018 Tree Decorations For Iris And Bettie

This post is not for the faint hearted!!!!! I forgot to take a picture of the unadorned decorations below before I started Fiddle Farting with them. I am pretty sure that they came from Poundland (this year) and I have to admit that when I got them out again to work on them I did think “strueth what on earth was I thinking”. Cast crudely in resin, they are rather clunky and lacking in any finesse, with a  very clumsy scattering of gold glitter.  These are true sow’s ears, with little chance of ever  becoming silk purses.!!!
However, as I’d originally bought the decorations with the idea of putting the little expressions of love I use with Iris and Bertie in the middle, I thought I had better try to salvage something from them.
IMG_9904I love you to the moon and back tree decoration
Iris’s is a pretty common and popular sentiment, just with the bit about the deep blue sea tagged on to the end.  Bertie’s is just pure Bertie. I was teasing him one day saying that I only loved him a teeny weeny weeny bit when he got all aggrieved declaring “No ….. a big much bit!” and it stuck.
I did the printing in DanielleFancyFont using Publisher. I then filled or covered some of the holes, gaps, lumps and bumps with a green and purple flat back gems, finally adding a narrow red ribbon to hang them by.
Not my finest hour I know  ……. laughs out loud! It’s the sentiment that counts and, for Bertie especially, you just can’t have too much glitter or sparkle.  It’s also given me a few ideas on how to repeat the exercise, only much more tastefully for next year perhaps!