Thursday, 30 October 2014

M’Lord …. I Have No Excuse ….. My Resistance Was Low!

Oh my goodness, I very rarely buy dies these days, (I go to Marc’s and use his!!!!!!). Dies have to be something really special to catch my eye and then ever specialer to open my purse!!!…..
Tim Holtz Birds in Flight So ……. when I saw this Tim Holtz Flight of Birds die in a Wolverhampton Craft Superstore you can imagine my state of abject flux and excitement …… it was akin to meeting Alistair Campbell in real life at the Olympics ……. pure lust!!! Well, it went straight into my basket ….. but then I hesitated, as I often do these days ….. £15 is a lot of money (it acquaints to at least 15 something's that I would have to make with it to get my money back) ….. which is why in the end I just took the picture to remind myself of the name etc. and then put it back on its hanger and walked away, my head glancing over my shoulder!
However, my prudence was justly rewarded …… as soon as I got home I managed to secure it on Ebay for just £8.95 with free P & P, result!!!! ….. I just have to wait for it to arrive now…… I can’t wait …. it’s so beautiful!