Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Tom and Laura’s Wedding ……

Where do I start? 
Well for one,  I am relying heavily on everyone else's photographs of the day, as I only took about a dozen or so, as I wanted to see the day as it unfolded through my own two eyes and not through the display screen of my camera. 
So .... let’s get the crafty pictures out of the way first ….
wedding Tablewedding
…… let's just say that all the “Wedding Craft Club” members received wonderful complements throughout the day for all their hard work, it all looked very pretty, without being over the top and over weddingy, if you know what I mean……
046Table 1
…… and for all the teasing The Equally Lovely Denise had to endure ….. her 300 metres of bunting was only just enough!!
The music all through the service was lovely, all specially chosen by Tom and Laura with their very individual quirkiness, each song had it’s special meaning and memory for them through their growing love and relationship and was beautifully played and sung by Laura’s friend Emma. 
For me the most special and magical moment of the entire day was seeing Tom’s face as Laura came down the “aisle” on her dad's arm …… the love in his eyes would have melted even the hardest of stone.
My two nieces Emily and Daisy read the story “Love Monkey” by Edward Monkton, during the ceremony, they were so nervous but were utterly brilliant and the sentiment of the story was just perfect knowing Tom and Laura.
It really was a beautifully thought out and delicate ceremony   ….. right down to them leaving the room as a married couple to the strains of Pure Imagination from the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, one of Tom’s favourite films as a boy!
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Then followed the taking of many, many photos …….
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Then on to the reception ……
…… where we could all relax and kick of our shoes, though I still can’t believe I replaced my fascinator for a pair of my reading glasses !!!!
The speeches were perfect too and so funny ….. goodness knows where Tom got ability to just stand up and make what seemed to be an effortless, noteless speech, with comic timing ……. and as for Ed the Best Man .....  his speech was illustrated with photograph “evidence” of his and Tom’s friendship, going back to the day they first met on interview day at Durham University and up to Tom’s "It's A Knock Out" Stag Weekend, none of which I would be able to reproduce here!!!!!!!!!!! But again so funny.
The wedding cake was topped by two very romantic sugar dinosaurs handcrafted by Tom.  Dinosaurs being the theme of the reception, each guest table being named after one of Tom and Laura’s favourite dinosaurs!!??  The table plan featured Laura’s beautiful writing and a dinosaur drawing by Tom to illustrate each table ..... see I told you they were quirky!!
Tom and Laura's wedding planThere were candy floss and pop corn machines in the conservatory for guests after the meal, served  by,  I am told on good authority, a very attractive young man, hence my nieces and daughter's frequent visits for both comestibles ….. and who, if he had wanted, could have made a killing on chatting up lovelorn, single and very beautiful young ladies after they had watched Tom and Laura’s tres romantic first dance to Tim Minchin's "It's Not Perfect" !!!!! - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dg3PberzvXo
I have missed soooooo much out,  but I hope you have had a small flavour of just how wonderful it was. If I could have just one wish,  it would be to go through it all again but in slow motion .……… a perfect day, that will stay in all our hearts forever …… I wish Andy could have been there to see it all unfold ….. he would have been so proud, probably watching from quiet corner as was his style, not wishing to be in the limelight of being Father of the Groom. Tom talked about him very lovingly in his speech, telling everyone what a very happy childhood he had had …. and he said that a testament to this was the table full of Tom’s school friends who were ALWAYS round at our house, in our loft, and who all had very special memories of Andy.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Each came up to me separately during the day and said that they believed that how they had turned out was a lot to do with knowing Andy in their formative years and how nothing was out of bounds for them while they were with him, under our roof ….. and although they thought they had pulled the wool over his eyes over so many things, including sneaking in an inestimable amount of lager up our rickety loft ladder, he always knew exactly what they were up to, nothing went past him and that he always made them feel they were safe!  Hearing them say so many wonderful things and listening to so many of their memories made a perfect day, even more perfect and special! What more can I say?