Sunday, 25 September 2011

Halloween Jar Lantern

Halloween Jar Lantern 1
I thought I would have a go at making a Halloween jar lantern like I have seen on American craft site/blogs.  I didn’t have any orange Decopatch paper, so I thought I would give some of the orange tissue paper I already had a try.  It wasn’t as strong as Decopatch but it worked with a gentler touch than my norm!
Halloween Jar Lantern
Once the jar was covered, I cut out two faces using a lightweight black paper and stuck them on both sides of jar, over the tissue paper. and then followed this with several layers of clear glossy varnish.  The hanger was made using red string and lots of knots.
Picture 356
Very spooky!

Simple Homemade Magazine – Great Excitement

I had a very exciting e-mail about a week or so ago from Paula who wrote to tell me that Fiddle Fart had been included on the Inspiring Blogs page of Issue 8 of Simply Homemade magazine, which I knew absolutely nothing about. 
Well, vanity got the better of me and I went in search of a copy, only to find that getting this issue was like gold dust, even from the website!  However ever resourceful I wrote to Lindsey at Practical Publishing and she sent me a copy.  THANK YOU Lindsey.
And there I was at the bottom of page 34 – In The Blogosphere!  I am dead chuffed.
The magazine is brilliant, the ideas are simple and use products I am familiar with and includes ideas like knitting, sewing and jewellery making that I wouldn’t be afraid to have a go at,  like the painted coasters made from tiles which I will be having a go at in the coming week. 
mag 1
I very rarely buy craft magazines now, after having several subscriptions for a couple of years everything became very boring and samey, but my interest has been rekindled and I will definitely be picking up a copy of Simply Homemade when I see it.
mag 2