Monday, 18 August 2014

Marc’s “Steampunk” Necklace

I am not sure if this is pure “steampunk”, but this is the necklace Marc put together and wore for most of his stay with me.
He came down one morning wearing it and I can remember feeling a teensy bit envious and then thought …… except the chain, I think I have got some very similar bits and pieces in a box somewhere amongst all of the other boxes on my shelves, so perhaps I could try and copy it.  Then later, when I openly admired it Marc said “You dozy mare, they’re your bits!” LOL,  because Marc doesn’t sleep very well, he’d gone into my craft room and played ……..
…….. and this was the result! When he arrived, he had been wearing the ball chain with different  appendages on, then five minutes fiddle-farting in the middle of the night …… and he comes up with this! Aghhhhhh, I am so jealous,  I just wish I had a  quarter of his imagination and flair of putting things together …….. however,  during his stay he has made very valiant attempts in an effort to teach me ………..