Friday, 16 April 2010

More Pendant Tile Pendant Experiments

4 tiles
I hope you are not getting bored of my glass tile pendant experiments, I am trying out a few ideas to see what works best before I go into production.
Dragon Fly Tile Dragon Flies on Tile 1
I’ve had another go at embellishing the tiles with small brass charms I have had for ages and some flat backed pearls. The papers I have used for the backgrounds are by K & Co.  They have a slight glittery effect that doesn’t show very well in the pictures – but it gives the magical fairy like effect I wanted.
Large Dragon Fly on Glass Tile Pendant Large Dragonfly on glass tiles
I think that what I have made here is very much my taste – pendants that I would wear myself – so these are mine!
Side view of glass tile pendant
Because the charms are gold in colour I have had find gold coloured bails on e-bay, which I will attach when they arrive from