Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Pink Bunny Fridge Magnet

I made this bunny for this Easter ……… but just didn’t have the time to get “him” posted.
IMG_2243I used five mini/half sized, plain lolly/craft sticks from The Works, (£1) and coloured them in pink using a Sharpie pen.
Popsicle Easter Bunny Fridge Magnet aI used a square of white card to act as a base for the bunny’s head.
Popsicle Easter Bunny Fridge Magnet aaI am a bit of a messy worker, especially when I am experimenting, but am also anal enough to cover up said messy work, as I did after adding ears to the bunny. 
Easter BunnyI also like to colour any of the lolly sticks showing on the back to match the front. I then added a square of self adhesive magnetic tape so that he could sit on my fridge door.
popsicle Easter BunnyTo make the face I used two googly eyes, an upside down puffy heart sticker for his nose and two, small, punched circles for his cheeks, adding extra details with a black fine liner pen, used lightly to minimise any ink bleeding into the wood.
Popsicle Easter Bunny Fridge Magnet 3I then decided then to go the whole hog by adding Ranger Glossy Accents to accentuate the pink on his ears and cheeks. 
Popsicle Easter Bunny 1