Sunday, 2 December 2012

Christmas Bauble Card(s) ….. Dabbling and Doodling With Ideas For The Coming Year Maybe?

While I was in London visiting Marc, he nagged me something rotten about  “doodling” more and his partner Rick told me that I should work on more card ideas that used my own writing ….. so what’s a poor girl like me gonna do?
Doodled Christmas Bauble CardWell, I listened, because they both really do know what they are talking about and when I got home I doodled a bit and then I did a bit of writing ….. formulating a couple of ideas ……  
The first idea/doodle (above) was very rough and only took a couple of minutes ….. but even before I finished the last dab of ProMarker,  the next progression was in my head …..
Christmas Bauble Card….. what if I doodled it all again, more carefully but added the baubles separately to add dimension?
Doodles Christmas Bauble CardThat’s as far I have got with the bauble idea, there is still a bit to go with it, it  needs a few tiny stars in the branches, and something else … I just don’t know what yet  …. but before I finished it properly,  I took off again on a different tangent while my brain was whirring …. this time thinking about Rick saying I should write more on my cards …..
I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas Card….. Again it’s very, very rough …… but a germ of an idea is now firmly in my head …. with all the festive preparations to get on with, it isn’t really the best of times to have a brainwave…. but hopefully over the holiday,  I’ll have the time to work on it some more ….. I want to go back to the real basics and have a go at card making with just a blank card, a pen, a notebook containing jotted down phrases, sayings, lines from poems or lyrics etc. that catch my fancy and a few very simple embellishments!  Think of all the money I could save …. watch this space!