Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Halloween Crackers

Iris and Bertie love a cracker .............
........ however I didn't think I would be able to find anything that wasn't stupidly expensive until  I found these for 50p a box in Flying Tiger in Birmingham, (last years stock evidently), and at just under 16p each it was a no  brainer (below).
Sold as confetti crackers, but not exactly sure what that meant I still thought they were worth a punt to save the fiddle fart of making my own, as all I would need to do was simply pop a little something inside them. This too was made all the more easy as Marc had given me a whole pile of Ty Mini Boos (Poundland - £1 each), which Iris and Bertie also adore, and when taken out of their box were a perfect fit for the crackers.
When I opened the crackers, they contained a wad of shredded tissue paper and about 6/7 happy Halloween sentiments, I have to admit, had I bought them solely on that premise I would have been sorely disappointed ......
..... however for my needs they were perfect.
I put mini boos in four of the crackers and four Halloween chocolate coins in each of the other two with one of the sentiments.  I replaced the elastic ties with bows using the ribbons left over from Tom and Laura's wedding (seven years ago now!) ....... boy have they lasted! I then put them back in the boxes to prevent them getting squashed.  I kept the left over sentiments as I am sure I can  use them on a card or something and the eleastic ties are squirreled away to use on another project sometime.
I have these other cracker shaped gift boxes (above) from last years Flying Tiger Christmas sale, they are smaller than the Halloween ones, but my next shopping mission is to find some bits and pieces to put in them and then add a few embellishments to the boxes ready for this years festive table.  
Staying with Flying Tiger, Marc and I are both eagerly waiting for them to get these dolls plant pots in (£2), sometime after 27th September, I hope.  Yes, they are a bit creepy but very Marc and me!