Tuesday, 4 January 2011

My Suitcase of Crafty Treasure and Happy First Day Back At Work Favors …..

I was given a box of “crafting treasure” by a friend a little while ago and I am trying to use something from it as often as I can.  It’s so special  that I keep it all in a lovely old battered suitcase, so that its contents don’t get mixed up with my other stuff.
Suitcase of treasure
Anyway, I was looking through it and found these lovely little handbag die cuts and immediately had an idea for “little silly presents” for “the girls” to celebrate our first day back at work in 2011.
New Years Favor
First I assembled the bags, using just a bit of glue and mini pegs to keep them together while they dried. What to put in the bags I wondered ………Emergency Chocolate Rations
I knew everyone would be back on their diets and chocolate of any description would be a out of the question, but not emergency rations ….. so I covered a Dairy Milk miniature to pop in each bag.
Handbag favors
As a finishing  touch I tied on a small metal charm, also from my suitcase of treasure …… they are so cute I can hardly bare give them away now!

Blog and Site Hopping

up-n-downI’ve been hopping again and I’ve found the “Jam Jar Shop” – I am always on the look out for little jars for sweets etc. throughout the year …… and this place has some really interesting stuff http://www.jamjarshop.com/index.asp
jam jar  jam jar
This year I am determined to start knitting again and I know that this blog Little Cotton Rabbits will inspire me to make a start http://littlecottonrabbits.typepad.co.uk/free_knitting_patterns/
Christmas toys