Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Home Sweet Home Fridge Magnet

The principle of some ideas I find on Pinterest look deceptively easy, but this wasn’t one of them, it really had me cursing!
HOme Sweet Home Fridge Magnet. Popsicle Stick Crafts
I needed to trim some of these 2.5in craft sticks down to help accommodate the roof …… aghhhhh!  My craft knives couldn’t hack it, neither could my posh silicon knife or bacon scissors, in the end it took a small pair of scissors and a little gentle bending power and even then it was touch and go. This was then followed by a little bit of sanding as the edges that were left were rough ........
……. the glue smudges also left a lot to be desired!
However, the fiddle fart was a doddle, from the little wooden bee embellishments to the layered doodled door and windows and faux stitching, using a black fine liner pen.
On the back I simply added a piece of self adhesive magnetic strip so that it can live on my fridge.
Home Sweet Home Popsicle Stick fridge Magnet
Now, although this is unlikely to be a project I return to, it did spawn a pretty simple Christmas idea ……. but more of that for another day, as I am just waiting for some wooden stars from ebay to finish it/them off.  Watch this space ........