Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Heads Up - The Works - Easter Crafts

I have just put in an order (Click and Collect) for The Works for the grand total of £1.50, the total order was for £3 but I had £1.50 in Together Rewards, talk about being the last of the big spenders! I ordered on-line early in the season for the things I could see potential in because the crafty stock tends to vary from shop to shop and I have found that certain things I really like have a habit of disappearing,  never to appear again, like the packs of wooden dowels and wooden counters (the ones that looked like people)
I have been thinking about making some Easter brooches, so these packs of wooden eggs (30 for £1) look useful .......
 ....... as do these rabbits, again 30 for £1.  I am not 100% about their sizes, I think they may be quite small, but I have a couple of ideas on how to use them.
I also thought these felt carrots (16 in a pack for £1.00) had potential ...... I think I might even get a couple of badges/brooches from them for Iris and Bertie, but I was really thinking I that I might get a couple of funny, carrot pun type cards out of them too.

I was so proud of myself just ordering one pack of each, before now I would have gone overboard and bought five of each, far more than I actually needed.
One thing I didn't buy, (for now), were these wooden rabbits (£1.50) which they also had last year and managed to resist, however I can see their potential. I have £2 to collect on a scratch card I got in a cracker at Christmas ........ I may cash it in and treat myself and put the leftover 50p in my piggy bank!

The Works Easter Craft Section.