Friday, 24 March 2017

Easter Button Brooches on Tag

Rather than give Iris’s lovely, lovely, lovely nursery staff something chocolaty for Easter, I decided to turn some of the button flower brooches from the other day into some little Easter gifts that will hopefully last a little longer.Easter Button Brooches on Gift Tag 33333I fiddled and diddled for most of a morning until I was completely happy with the end result.
Button Brooch Brooch backsButton Brooch backs
Firstly I needed to finish off the brooch bases I had made, using self adhesive fabric to cover the card base that I had glued the buttons on to and then added a small brooch pin using E6000 glue, so I could be sure of a secure bond.
Easter TagsEaster Tags
I then cut out the tags and decorated them with assorted of tapes, the dotty tape came from The Works (£2 for a pack 10 colours) and the Easter tape from Lldl.
IMG_1768Easter Button Brooch TagEaster Tag Back
Next I tied the ribbons on, thinking that I would be able to attach the finished brooches to the tags with an adhesive foam pad, but when I tried it, it didn’t look right, so in the end I cut out some small rough rectangles to push the brooch pins through and then held them in place with strips of matching spotty tape.
Easter Tag Back 1Button Brooch Gift Tag Easter Crafts
Not as “professional” looking as I had hoped, but if I do them again I am sure I can fine tune the cutting.  With the brooches now securely in place, I still thought that there was something missing ……….
Easter Button Brooches on Gift TagEaster Crafts Easter Button Brooches on Gift Tag 2
…….but found that by adding some punched leaf sprigs and a few dots here and there, all of a sudden everything came together  ……. I was so chuffed.
Out of curiosity I decided to work out the total cost of one tag complete with three brooches, not bad for just 70p ….. I don’t think you could even buy a cream egg for that!