Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Finished Altered Canvas Bag.

Picture 241
If there is anything that I am guilty of on this blog, it’s being very enthusiastic about my latest carboot bargains, saying what I am going to do with them and then putting them on hold for months on end ….. 
…….but since Bank Holiday I have made a concerted effort to finish something ……… roll of drums …….. da da!
Accessorize Bon Voyage badge Set  Picture 201
My sister found the “Paris” badge set in Accessorize (£3) and when I rummaged through my bits and pieces box I found these vintage poodle and Eifel Tower brooches, perfect for my French theme.
Altered Canvas Bag 4
I’ve only decorated on side of the bag, because I thought the embellishments would catch on my clothes.
Altered Canvas Bag 3
I made a couple of flowers using gingham ribbon, perhaps the red one could have been a little smaller (I used 1.5 inch ribbon), and put an Accessorize badge in the middle of each.
Altered Canvas Bag 5 Altered Canvas Bag 6
I’ve added the other bits here and there…..
Altered Canvas Bag 7  Altered Canvas Bag 19
I didn’t mean to put a ribbon with the black poodle ….. but it hides an over zealous blob of glue I needed to hide!
Altered Canvas Bag 8 Altered Canvas Bag 1
The pictures make it looked a bit squashed and crowded, but I think I have got the balance about right.
Altered Canvas Bag 12 Altered Canvas Bag 13
And have I used my new bag ?  Mais oui …… on a shopping trip to Aldi.